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Welcome to the Kaleido Stage
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Saturday, April 24th, 2010
11:45 am
Tuesday, November 10th, 2009
9:31 pm

Tuesday, August 4th, 2009
2:29 pm
Selling KS DVD
If anyone is looking for the first Kaleido Star DVD, I'm selling it for 99 cents on eBay! Check it out!
Friday, July 24th, 2009
9:11 pm
Friday, June 26th, 2009
1:10 am
Romdeau + A Multifandom Ergo Proxy based Rp!
Romdeau + A Multifandom Ergo Proxy RP!Collapse )

Reservations just opened up today and the game opens on July 10th. We currently don't have any Kaleido Stars characters, but we'd love to change that!
Saturday, February 7th, 2009
1:14 pm
Join amspot_abc!

Animanga Spotlight ABC is an anime-based icontest created by and managed by razzberridust. This icontest allows free-for-all entries, with the only string being an animanga series chosen for you as the theme. Themes, as shown by the community's name, are chosen one by one through the alphabet. The benefits of this icontest is that you get to experience new animanga series as you go wild with your icons. Animanga Spot ABC is open for suggestions at all times so that every series out there has a chance!
Tuesday, January 6th, 2009
9:10 pm

Username: razzberridust @ nyonyo_icons
Subject: Sora Naegino
Fandom: Kaleido Star
Lyrics: Here
Credits: See credits on comm profile
Critiques: Yes


( You have an angel's wings on your back. )
Saturday, November 29th, 2008
12:59 pm
HIYA~!!! Ima new to this community and i REALLY LOVE KALEIDO STAR!!!  I dont have any stuff like wallscrolls but im going to get the complete box set. I really hope im liked on this community XD 


Current Mood: cheerful
Wednesday, May 14th, 2008
6:28 pm
Shoujo Ai Showdown [Guild] @GarmRo

Do you love Shoujo Ai? Do you enjoy online games for free? Then this is for you!

Shoujo Ai Showdown on GarmROCollapse )

Xposted to a number of shoujo ai communities.
Monday, March 24th, 2008
11:35 am
I really want a Kaleido Star  wall scroll. I've looked for the past two years all over anime Boston and verious website online for so long. Does anybody know if there is such thing, and where to get one?
Friday, August 24th, 2007
11:25 pm

Artist: royalbk
Subject: Kaleido Star
Characters: Sora/Leon
Number of icons: 10/10
Lyrics: Fall to Pieces by Avril Lavigne
Community: done for the community 10_lyricons

Reach for your dream
Saturday, August 4th, 2007
4:23 pm

A city that welcomes the lonely...

PREMISE You, the mun, apply here as a character. Say you want to be Naruto or something. So, you apply as Naruto, and we, the mods, assign Naruto into a family. Say there's a Leon, or some other notably older character who's applied as a guardian. POOF! You belong in that happy little Leonhart family. Depending on the guardians, the child will either have been adopted or born of the mother. This is up to the head of the family to decide. This should induce copious amounts of crack and fun. However, if your character is 18 and over, they may reside by themselves, start their own family, or if attending college, live in the dorms.

genre: Family / School / Life RP
accepts: Multifandom
open: July 30th, 2007
Taken Characters | About the Town| Quick Friends Add| Masterlist of Families | Housing Options| Application

7:06 am
Okay, Kaleido Star is one of my favorite animes.

When I watch it, I feel like little Sora watching Alice in Wonderland!

How I got into it.
I saw an episode on the Anime Network and thought it looked interesting, so when I went to FYE I just looked in the K's to remember the name of the series and BAM!...there it is. The whole first box set, used...$10.99.

Best $11 I've ever spent!
Wednesday, April 25th, 2007
6:18 pm
Tuesday, December 26th, 2006
2:01 pm
Hey, everyone! I was going through some of my old photoshop stuff and I came across two Kaleido-related thingies and so I thought I'd post them here.

I don't even know what they are, I just made themCollapse )
Tuesday, December 19th, 2006
1:09 am
Wallpaper ahead! Sora and Leon of course...
It was about time I contributed with something for this community. It's been too long I think. *is sheepish*

This wallpaper took me two hours and I'm pretty proud of how it came out. *grins* The text on it is also very romantic...even though not mine. Eh...still good! I give full credit to the bible. *laughs at your expressions*

Love is...Collapse )

Current Mood: creative
Tuesday, October 24th, 2006
5:04 pm
Myself and anime_goddess_s created a Sora/Leon community called sl_snowblossom so if you're a fan and you want to contribute, please come and join.
Saturday, October 21st, 2006
9:01 pm
I hope no one minds if I make contributions in form of fics?
Yep. I decided to add these links here too! *grins and pretends this isn't a shameless plug or anything*
Fandom: Kaleido Star *duh!*
Pairing: Sora/Leon
Light and Fantasy

Current Mood: so crazy!
7:24 pm
I would've liked the Leon wallpaper to have come out better but meh...that's life I guess. I tried manipulating it the best I could.
The Sora wallpaper came out good though!

Sora - angel, Leon - devilCollapse )

Comments anyone?

Current Mood: creative

Wednesday, September 13th, 2006
7:12 pm
No one has been posting anything lately so...
I've finally gotten myself acquainted with the different tidbits and inner workings of Corel Paint Shop Pro. This is the result. Hope you like it!

I know, I know...I'm nuts and it shows. But can I help it if Leon is so gorgeous? *swoons*

Current Mood: crazy

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